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Incorporation of Business Entity in Singapore

Incorporation of Company

We help you to set up your company in Singapore, and ensure you understand and meet all laws and regulations. This can be done in as quickly as one day! Apart from registering and starting your company for you, we will also provide you with the standard company constitution and guide you on the documents you need to maintain, office holders you need to appoint, meetings you need to hold and filings you need to make in your first year of business.

Our charges

Our charge for incorporation of a company in Singapore start from S$500 (excluding about S$315 in Government fees). Depending on your business needs, we can also advise you on more suitable alternative entities to set up, such as sole proprietorships, partnerships, LLPs and unincorporated associations.


In addition to setting up your company, we also provide the following optional services that are commonly sought by customers:

   Registered Address

   Nominee Director. Our charges start from S$2,500 per year.

   Company Secretary. Our charges are S$500 per year.

Where clients require, we also work with external law firms whose expertise may be called upon from time to time to work with us on the following:

   Preparation of Shareholders’ Agreements or similar

   Preparation of Bespoke Constitution

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